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Datalogic-Safety Photocells|S5-5-G8-62-SG-ST4

460.00 RM 184
Estimated Lead Time : 2 Weeks
Category: Safety Barrier and Isolator

Manufacturer: Datalogic


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Product Description

  • S5-SG-ST and SL5-SG-ST safety sensors are certified for integration with SG-BWS-T4 units, a Type 2 or Type 4 safety system (depending on the model used).

  • When placed appropriately, they can be used in substitution of body protection safety light curtains, or to guard small size openings.

  • Emitter-receiver photocells with test input on emitter

  • Maximum operating range: 8 m for S5, 40 m for SL5

  • M18 Tubular form in plastic

  • Effective aperture angle : 2,5 for Type 4 models, 5 for Type 2 models (IEC 61496-2)

  • Emission: infrared LED for S5, Class 1 red laser for SL5

  • M12 4-poles connectors

  • Automatic machines

  • Robots

  • Automatic assembling lines

  • Palletizers and Depalletizers

  • Protecting perimeter areas

  • Shipping Weight : 1 Kg

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 16 x 22 x 123 cm