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NJ2-12GK-SN | Pepperl+Fuchs | Part number : 106633

789.00 RM 708.4
Estimated Lead Time : 2 Weeks
Category: Sensors/Pepperl+Fuchs/Inductive Sensors

Manufacturer: Pepperl+Fuchs


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Product Description

  • Estimated Lead Time : 4-6 Weeks

  • Manufacturer : Pepperl+Fuchs

  • Inductive sensor NJ2-12GK-SN

  • 2 mm flush

  • Usable up to SIL 3 acc. to IEC 61508

  • ATEX approval Ex-i and Ex-nA/tc for zone 0-2 and zone 20-22

  • Degree of protection IP68

  • Switching function : Normally closed (NC)

  • Output type : NAMUR with safety function

  • Rated operating distance : 2 mm

  • Installation : flush

  • Assured operating distance : 0 ... 1.62 mm

  • Reduction factor rAl : 0.4

  • Reduction factor rCu : 0.3

  • Reduction factor r304 : 0.85

  • Safety Integrity Level (SIL) : up to SIL3 acc. to IEC 61508Danger!In safety-related applications the sensor must be operated with a qualified fail safe interface from Pepperl+Fuchs, such as KFD2-SH-EX1.
    Consider the "exida Functional Safety Assessment" document which is available on as an integral part of this product"s documentation.

  • Output type : 2-wire

  • Nominal ratings

  • Nominal voltage : 8.2 V

  • Switching frequency : 0 ... 2000 Hz

  • Suitable for 2:1 technology : yes , with reverse polarity protection diode

  • Current consumption

  • Measuring plate not detected : ≥3 mA

  • Measuring plate detected :≤1 mA

  • Functional safety related parameters

  • MTTFd : 10660 a

  • Mission Time (TM) : 20 a

  • Diagnostic Coverage (DC) : 0 %

  • Compliance with standards and directives

  • Standard conformity

  • NAMUR : EN 60947-5-6:2000
    IEC 60947-5-6:1999

  • Approvals and certificates

  • FM approval

  • Control drawing : 116-0165F

  • UL approval : cULus Listed, General Purpose

  • CCC approval : CCC approval / marking not required for products rated ≤36 V

  • Ambient conditions

  • Ambient temperature : -40 ... 100°C (-40 ... 212°F)

  • Mechanical specifications

  • Connection type : cable silicone , 2 m

  • Core cross-section : 0.34 mm2

  • Housing material : Crastin (PBTB), black

  • Sensing face : Crastin (PBTB), black

  • Housing diameter : 12 mm

  • Degree of protection : IP68

  • Cable

  • Bending radius : > 10 x cable diameter

  • Equipment protection level Gc (nA)

  • Certificate : PF 15CERT3754 X

  • : Special conditions

  • Protection against transients : Ensure transient protection is provided and that the maximum value of the transient protection (140% of 85 V) is not exceeded.

  • Equipment protection level Dc (tc)

  • : Instruction : Manual electrical apparatus for hazardous areas

  • : Device category 3D : for use in hazardous areas with combustible dust

  • Certificate : PF 15CERT3774 X

  • CE marking : [*PD-Z02586A*]

  • ATEX marking : II 3D Ex tc IIIC T80??C Dc
    The Ex-related marking can also be printed on the enclosed label.

  • Standards : EN 60079-0:2012+A11:2013, EN 60079-31:2014
    Protection by enclosure "tc" Some of the information in this instruction manual is more specific than the information provided in the datasheet.

  • General : The corresponding datasheets, declarations of conformity, EC-type examination certificates, certifications, and control drawings, where applicable (see datasheets), form an integral part of this document. These documents can be found at The maximum surface temperature of the device was determined without a layer of dust on the apparatus. Some of the information in this instruction manual is more specific than the information provided in the datasheet.

  • Installation, commissioning : Laws and/or regulations and standards governing the use or intended usage goal must be observed. If the Ex-related marking is printed only on the supplied label, then this must be attached in the immediate vicinity of the sensor. The sticking surface for the label must be clean and free from grease. The attached label must be legible and indelible, including in the event of possible chemical corrosion.

  • Maintenance : No changes can be made to apparatus, which are operated in hazardous areas.
    Repairs to these apparatus are not possible.

  • : Special conditions

  • Minimum series resistance RV : A minimum series resistance RV is to be provided between the power supply voltage and the proximity switch in accordance with the following list. This can also be assured by using a switch amplifier.

  • Maximum operating voltage UBmax : The maximum permissible operating voltage UBmax must be restricted to the values given in the following list. Tolerances are not permitted.

  • Maximum permissible ambient temperature TUmax : Values can be obtained from the following list, depending on the max. operating voltage Ub max and the minimum series resistance Rv.

  • at UBmax=9 V, RV=562 Ω : 58°C (136.4°F)

  • using an amplifier in accordance with EN60947-5-6 : 58°C (136.4°F)

  • Protection from mechanical danger : The sensor must not be exposed toANY FORMof mechanical danger.

  • Protection from UV light : The sensor and the connection cable must be protected from damaging UV-radiation. This can be achieved when the sensor is used in internal areas.

  • Protection of the connection cable : The connection cable must be prevented from being subjected to tension and torsional loading.

  • Electrostatic charge : Do not attach the nameplate provided in areas where electrostatic charge can build up.

  • General information

  • Use in the hazardous area : see instruction manuals

  • Category : 1G; 2G; 3G; 1D; 3D

  • Shipping Weight : 1 Kg

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 16 x 22 x 123 cm