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FTM50-AGG2A4A52AA| Endress+Hauser | Point level detection Soliphant

5040.00 RM 3983.6
Estimated Lead Time : 4 Weeks
Category: Industrial Components/Endress+Hauser

Manufacturer: Endress+Hauser


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Product Description

  • Estimated Lead Time: 4 Weeks

  • Manufacturer: Endress+Hauser

  • FTM50-AGG2A4A52AA

  • Sohphant M FTM5O

  • Point level switch, vibronic.

  • Application: solids.

  • Material: 316L.

  • Grain size <=10mm.

  • Application: generatin dust, fluidised,

  • Powdery to fine-grained bulk solids.

  • Independent of solids characteristic.

  • No maintenance needed.

  • Feature model text Approval: A Non-hazardous area

  • Process Connection: GG Thread EN10226 R1-1/2

  • Material; Surface Refinement: 2 316L; Ra<=3.2um/126uin, w/o

  • Fork; Bulk Density: A 155mm/6inch; min 10g/I standard fork

  • Electronics; Output: 4 FEM54; relay DPDT, 19-253VAC/55VDC

  • Type of Probe: A Compact

  • Housing: 5 F13 Alu IP66/68 NEMA Type 4X End.

  • Cable Entry: 2 Gland M20 (Ex d > thread M20)

  • Additional Option 1: A Not selected

  • Additional Option 2: A Not selected

  • Point level switch for fine grained solids and powder.

  • Process connections: Threads, flanges and hygienic connection (Tri-Clamp)

  • Temperature: -50 to +280C (-60 to +540F)

  • Pressure: -1 to +25bar (-14.5 to +360psi)

  • Sensor length: 145mm, 200mm

  • Sensor material: 316L (3,2m, 0,8m, PTFE coated, ETFE coated)

  • International explosion protection certificates

  • Vibration limit switch as symmetrical vibrating system

  • For placement in tanks from above or on the side

  • For fine-grained and powdery solids weighing 10g/l or more

  • Easy to use with varying bulk solids

  • Selectable for bulk solid detection under water

  • Build-up and abrasion display selectable

  • Switch delay and weight/density setting selectable

  • Use in safety systems with functional safety requirement in compliance with DIN EN IEC61508

  • Minimum and maximum safety can be freely adjusted

  • Electronic operation in terminal housing

  • Double cable gland for power and relay connection

  • Certificates: ATEX 1DG, 1/2DG, 1/3DG, 3DG, FM, CSA

  • Process connection: flange starting from DN50 PN25

  • Electronic versions for AC, DC, 8/16 mA, NAMUR, PFM

  • Performance testing of installed unit possible by pressing a key

  • Housing material is aluminum or discrete design

  • Pipe extensions and different types of rope are available

  • Protection: NEMA 4X

  • Design: compact unit with terminal housing

  • Process connection:R 1 thread in accordance with DIN 2999

  • Materials: process connection and sensor from 316L / Polyester (PBT) housing

  • Process temperature:-50C to +150C

  • Process pressure:-1 bar to 25 bar

  • Output:DPDT relay module

  • FTM50-AGG2A4A52AA

  • Basic weight: (F16 housing, thread R 1, fork 100 mm, 50g/l): 1.1 kg

  • Non-hazardous area

  • Thread EN10226 R 1

  • 316L; Ra 3.2 m/126 in

  • 155 mm/6 in; min. 10 g/l (Additional weight 0.1 kg)

  • FEM54; relay DPDT 19 to 253 VAC/55 VDC

  • Compact

  • F13, aluminum, IP66/68, NEMA4X(Additional weight 0.5 kg)

  • Gland M20 (Ex d > thread M20)

  • Shipping Weight : 3 Kg

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 16 x 22 x 123 cm

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