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MTL7761AC Barrier Analogue Inputs (low-level)

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Category: Safety Barrier and Isolator/MTL Instruments
Manufacturer:MTL Instruments

Product Description

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  • MTL7761AC - Strain-Gauge Bridges
  • Place of Origin:    England
  • Brand Name:        MTL
  • The MTL7700 Series are DIN rail mounting barrier providing quick and easy installation without the need for special hardware. Removable terminals are used for ease of installation, maintenance and for providing a loop disconnect by simply unplugging the terminals from the side module. Wire entry is also angled to assist wiring within limited space enclosures. The barrie clamp easily and securely onto standard T-section DIN rail, simultaneously making a reli able IS earth connection. For applications where field power is required for with inputs or 2-wire transmitter, the MTL7700 Series provides a busses power feed facility.
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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 16 x 22 x 123 cm

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